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Hi Samantha, please read my recommendations based on what I could find on your profiles and the type of business that you are in, your current situation and where you want to be.

I am assuming that you are not opposed to the following:

1. Editing your website

2. Adding more ‘single page’ websites

3. Collaborations

4. Generating revenue from your endorsed products.

The first goal I think we need to focus on is increasing your revenue, if we increase your revenue you can begin to grow as a professional and begin to promote yourself as brand out of a boutique salon.


Your customer facing strengths are good personality, good quality work, knowledge about your services and products used, generating content for your social channels and having the dedication to continue your learning experience.


Currently lack a brand, you are trying to compete against other stylists the same way they compete with one another by promoting styles and promotions and other people’s products. You lack laser sharp focus on how to properly brand yourself and anything that you interact with. Working out of a third party salon does not help if each person in that salon offers the same service. You can’t freely promote yourself and your work space.


Finding a niche market where other stylists aren’t competing, this can be tricky but every industry and every market (city) has one. I’m sure we can find one for you too. Owning 100% or 90% of a tiny industry gap is better than owning 10% of a largely competed over market. It saves a lot of money and time not having to compete with others the same way they all do trying to stand out. Not working out of a shared space and branding your own location can be a huge revenue boost for you. Reducing your competed market, cost of products, etc. while increasing your revenue will increase your profits. – you need to think like a business owner: reduce costs as much as possible in operational efficiencies, increase margin on products and services and do so while consistently and shamelessly promoting a brand.


Not finding a niche market or gap that can be tapped into to allow a more focused and affordable marketing/branding effort.

Entry of new stylists with novice ideas.

Being stuck to a location and having a larger branded competitor open near by or chasing a less than ideal location. No location is bad, but some businesses require more visibility and traffic than others, marketing budget and profit margin per sale have a lot to do with survival in a hidden location.

Main Goal:  Increase revenue through a combination of products so that you can have a tested revenue line that you know generates and know from what sources so that you can open a salon already knowing what will generate you money whether or not you are the one producing the work itself.

ur new image el paso texas by samantha nicole



What I would like to try is to build a brand for yourself under the name, with the salon location as the branded product. Such as UR New Image or URNI by Samantha Nicole or A Samantha Nicole Salon, etc.

Having a logo will allow you to mark images, videos, products, the new salon, etc. a lot easier but is also a great way to allow people to recognize the image when they see it randomly in the future. You can also incorporate lifestyle/motivational quotes and theme to your social media and website that enable you to sell hair accessories or tees and such with your quotes and branded logo.

Revenue Sources:


Generally speaking all services you offer should and will be promoted online through different platforms. Some services should have more dedication, those can be highly requested in your industry or those with the highest possible profit margin.

The overall service line should refrain from competing based on discounts, instead you should have a fixed rate for certain time consuming services while having a service list of common and easy to do services that you can offer at a heavy discount, even below average cost or below your cost.

Example: offer a highly common service for free with a good referral or information capture system you can convert a one time customer for something free for future referrals, reviews (which are as good as currency) upsetting of high margin products. So a free service can turn into high generating future customer. Same thing can be done with a service offered at below your cost.


You should sell and inventory high profit margin products that are for sale in person as an upset to clients as well as online. Selling products online gives you an ‘excuse’ to share product images on social media with a true intention of monetizing from them. Right now all the product images you have are essentially free marketing to those branded items but generate you no benefit.

Example: If we sell them online, the branded products can be sold by UR New Image on the website, on amazon, etc. as well promote offers on all social media accounts. You can host DIY parties specifically on the ‘endorsed’ products which you inventory yourself and you can sell during those events – this are great opportunities for getting those that go to your DIY learning parties to share images, videos, etc on social media themselves.


There are several companies that allow you to design something and list it and they print/produce the item for you and ship directly to the buyer without you having to lift a finger. This may not generate a lot of revenue or be part of your end goal, but it creates more content, more branding opportunities and more ‘excuses’ to promote to people and share on social media. Plus you can give away your tees to other stylists with intention of them wearing your branded quote.   

Social Media:

Selling services and products online allow you to associate yourself a bit more directly with the brands that you carry because you can now make videos, blog entries, etc. as DIY tutorials for that specific brand. Eventually there is the opportunity of that brand hiring you directly to promote to your existing market or you can dedicate a huge portion of your future salon to selling the products you are already educating your audience on increasing your revenue and foot traffic.

Example of improving posts is tagging and using hashtags used by celebrities and celebrity stylists’ names

sienna miller style blonde hair stylist marketing business jason wu style stylist wu fashion


1st Effort should consist of improving your current website. We can discuss to see what you are comfortable with. For an example/explanation see redline mockup below

2nd Effort should focus on not increasing engagement per say on social media but have different content to produce for your existing audience, if we can generate different products, service features (such as talk about the benefits of certain products over another) DIY branded videos, raffles, etc – that will in turn increase engagement in the form of likes and shares.

  • likes and shares don’t equal revenue, but one of the benefits of likes and shares is that when you decide to pay for an actual ad we can target more people by targeting the friends of those who like your page – people tend to have people that share their interests or people that are more involved in their interests and wishes. like a girl who likes a certain type of style and makeup will most likely follow and have as friend someone who is more of an embodiment of that interest – as a marketer you can use the like to reach the person you really want to reach.

or in other terms: is like wanting to ask a girl out in a club, but to get on her good side you start talking to the friend first.

3rd Effort  Generate lead pages so that as we post on social media and increase your overall website traffic we can speak more directly to the people visiting your site depending on the source of the traffic.

For example, we can have a Yelp account and a landing page just for yelp traffic – here you can thank them for checking you out and offer them a discount in exchange of a review once the service is completed. While someone from Facebook will see a different page depending on whether they clicked on a DIY video or the profile’s website link or a post that talks about current mood or event, etc. If we can target the type of person who might stop, view and click on a particular type of post you have better chances of getting them to remember you and eventually hire you and wait for you over just going anywhere when they do need your type of service.

Overall the role I see myself directly playing with your growth if we do this is as a business coach so that you broaden your view of what is possible as a service based business as well as help increase the leverage on the content you are already producing. As your budget increases then I can personally help with more of what you need to build a powerhouse of a brand online that will drive you traffic and increase the number of revenue sources for your business.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, below is a typical race track, we use it as example of a marketing cycle. We see it as a relay race. 

unthink inbound marketing cycle graph infographic for small new business startups



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