How to get more sales? Moments of Truth Help Marketers Sell More

First, put yourself in customers’ shoes for a second.

Here’s what we know.

With Technology, you and your customers are almost now always connected and so is everyone else. This means that you are constantly digesting information and crafting assumptions on companies and their products. Your prospect customers are subconsciously always shopping that’s why smart brands fight for our attention 24/7. Brands promote to us at every moment of truth from the moment we first stumble on something, wonder about pricing, if is worth our money and to the moment after we have actually purchased and consumed the product. Brands fight for each moment of truth to get a sale and loyal customers. Leveraging these moments are critical for small businesses that want to build a pipeline of hard-to-satisfy consumers like us.


Unthink Digital Marketing helps smart business owners and entrepreneurs like you address the needs and questions we all have at these various stages. We help with inbound marketing.

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We all try to solve our unexpected problems right at the moment.

When it comes to generating sales, it is our job and your job to help individuals solve their problems and needs with your products or services. Through marketing, you make yourself available to them while educating them about your value and commitment. Through consistent and clever advertising and promotion, they choose you! By creating strategies that increase website traffic, engagement and lead generation, we increase your conversion and increase sales because we help address the target market’s moments of truth.   Strategy plays a role in this because, unless you have unlimited ad budgets, trade offs are critical to maximize your ad spend budget and increase conversion.

The first ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH is when a consumer finds your brand and makes its first judgement of you. – What impression would it be right now?

Is It Worth It Moment.

When a consumer has visited your website, given you a call or even added to cart the average thought process is not to make a purchase instantly – but to find reasons why they shouldn’t buy from you. They want to know they can trust your descriptions, consumer reviews and their own judgement and want you to help them decide. YES, even a check out option is a marketing strategy and an important moment of truth. Trust may take many visits and exposures to build, but once is done your work isn’t over.  Your website, logos, conversations, prices, reviews, placements at every ‘corner’ of the digital world is critical to build a higher level of trust and build customers eager to spread the word.

This 2nd moment of truth is at the ‘shelve’ when a consumer balances opinions and touch to make a purchase decision. – Winning this Is-It-Worth-It moment is your goal. 

{Our goal is to build you a brand that emits quality, reliability, and commitment which leads to sustainable growth path and successful lead generation}

We empower your brand by creating responsive websites and dynamic campaigns.

As consumers, we have a high demand for relevance.
When we act on our needs in-the-moment, our expectations are high and our patience is low. This makes the quality, relevance, and usefulness of marketing more important than ever.

By understanding our consumer behavior brands can better position themselves to provide us with what we need. Each moment of truth is an opportunity to sell.

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