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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and is part of the process of getting online traffic to your website, blog, and any other digital content. SEO does not happen on its own and therefore is not something that you can expect to benefit from unless you invest in it. Although our blog post “How Long Does SEO Take?” goes into detail, by reading this you should be in pretty good shape knowing what to expect when you hire an SEO expert.  Unfortunately for most businesses this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s an added burden and threat to those who view it that way and a large market opportunity for those who see it as what it truly is – a chance for you to stake more of the market in a systematic way that is scalable way without requiring you to increasingly invest more time or money as you grow. SEO is probably the only marketing aspect that behaves like a true investment – the more you invest in it the more returns you can expect from it because it builds up and begins to create a broader web that doesn’t  expire.


Acquiring new customers in an organic and sustainable way is the only path to real growth. If you are online, you should, Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of any marketing strategy. Just think about it, how much did it cost to print your business cards? Or brochures? It wasn’t much compared to how much you invested in your website and blog? But for many companies, their websites and all other content will just sit there. Abandoned content is everywhere because companies will just create with no real plan and no SEO in place. ll other digital assets but most companies don’t realize just how crucial is SEO for their bottom line – Good SEO should never be seen as optional or feature that you can live without. SEO is not a strategy but it is definitely an important piece of any good marketing campaign.


Good SEO is not optional, it is not a strategy but it is definitely an important piece of any good marketing strategic campaign. Strategic SEO is important for small business owners that are looking for a sustainable way to generate exposure year after year. Whether you are a plumber, a cleaning company, a law firm, general contractor, insurance agent, or a marketing company – SEO is crucial for your bottom line and we can help you with it. 

search engine optimization for small business websites


what is google seo do i need it for online salesIs SEO and having a Website crucial for marketing?

Click here to read our answer in our blog post.


As our SEO professionals dig deep to provide technical recommendations for full website optimization, our in-house content experts simultaneously utilize keyword research to produce a full-scale content strategy. This includes a content gap analysis, the creation of customer personas and detailed market research. This analysis will determine opportunities to increase organic rank and also informs the production and distribution of dynamic content to thought leaders and consumers in your industry.

As confident as we are in our technical principles, it’s our people and company structure that separates us from the competition. Each client has the advantage of direct access to a dedicated team of SEO Google Ranking experts who are committed to identifying every opportunity for your site to reach its potential.


This is what good website SEO looks like for small businesses

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Increased visits increase your chances to generate a sale


For 1 out of 10 websites their SEO traffic looks OK

decent seo for small businesses

842 monthly visits are OK, but not enough…

But for most, SEO looks like this

average seo looks like

Notice the low 174 visits, the bad N/As


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With SEO you can expect:

  • Higher rankings through Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches
  • SEO Campaign Management
  • Broken Link Identification and Outreach
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Link Profile Audit
  • More website traffic to your websites or A/B landing pages
  • With more traffic, your conversions increase
  • Broken Link Identification and Outreach
  • Site Crawl Review
  • Trust Factor Analysis
  • UX Evaluation
  • Link Prospecting Recommendations
  • Web Analytics Setup
  • Higher c time spent on your websites learning about you and your brand offerings
  • Scalable marketing process which costs remain flat
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Engaged social following
  • Positively impact the sales cycle
  • Keeps you from earning free advertising
  • Your overall digital marketing budget to decrease
  • Build trust and credibility – the more you appear at ‘random’ in your non-customers queries the more they will trust you and your offerings
  • SEO Makes you ubiquitous
  • SEO Tool Selection and Integration
  • General SEO Consulting
  • helps you drive offline sales
  • SEO takes advantage of your weak competitors
  • Works constantly for you

Hire Unthink today and stop losing potential traffic to your website every day.


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You would think that with such a large social media following and advertising budgets, wouldn’t rely on SEO as much or at all. BUt they do. Search Engine Optimizations continues to play a huge role in their overall marketing strategy and growth tactic as they expand their dominance of online education. Even if your budget is smaller than that of UoP, you can still and should get started with your SEO efforts. Use the form below to message us and let us know your situation. 






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